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Connectors Explained

Trying to find out which connector you need on your Ethicare instrument to ensure compatibility with your nasal irrigation system? Then this post is for you. When setting up your nasal irrigation system utilizing Ethicare nasal irrigation instruments, you will be...

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Selecting the Right Nasal Irrigation Instrument

There are a few things to take into consideration when selecting the correct irrigation instrument for you. It is most important to remember that you and your situation are unique. Don’t let companies tell you that their, one size fits all instruments, work well for...

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First Time Sinus Irrigation – Tips and Tricks

Sinus irrigation for the first time can be both frightening and a little intimidating, but believe me, don’t be afraid. If done properly, sinus irrigation can be liberating. First pick a mechanical water pump. Make sure to read our post “What is the best sinus...

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Maintaining Your Water Pump Used For Sinus Irrigation

If you are regularly irrigating your sinuses, the proper maintenance of your water pump is vital. After irrigating with your water pump/ flosser and Ethicare instrument, lightly wash the water reservoir of the pump/ flosser as well as your Ethicare instrument with...

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Different Sinus Irrigation Methods

Different Sinus Irrigation Methods There are many methods available for sinus irrigation. Let’s go over a few that are commonly used. Doctors are not always informed about all of the available sinus irrigation methods, so do some of your own homework, present your...

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Perfect Saline Solution for Sinus Irrigation

Perfect Saline Solution For Sinus Irrigation Saline solutions are vital when you regularly do nasal irrigation as a form of preventative sinus care. Our family irrigates on a daily basis, and over the years we have developed our favorite saline solution. And we would...

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Nasal Irrigation as a Part of Preventative Care

Nasal Irrigation As Preventative Care Most people restrict their preventative care actions to merely brushing their teeth. Preferring to deal with the symptoms of sinus illness only when they manifest themselves. We at Ethical Care believe in the power of preventative...

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