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Nasal Irrigation With Ethicare Can Provide Relief

Ethicare Nasal Irrigation Instruments

Relief From

Sinusitis, Allergies, Colds, Post Nasal Drip, Post Surgical Clotting, Sinus Infection, Agricultural Work, Construction or Environmental Maintenance
Safely & Effectively Irrigate Your Sinuses At Home, with professional grade instruments.
Clinically Proven To Reduce Frequency & Symptoms of Many Sinus Illnesses.
A Cost Effective Form Of Preventative Sinus Care.
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Classic Nasal Irrigator

(Formerly AHUN)

Our most popular model is an adjustable spray nasal irrigation instrument. Featuring a soft nasal cone with a stainless steel adjustment screw and a wand made of durable stainless steel. This model provides a gentle cleansing spray that is adjustable to meet your needs.

Flexible Sinus Spray Irrigator

(Formerly DSI)

A soft, flexible, catheter style, upper nasal passage irrigation instrument. The tip has one small hole at the end and two small side holes. This irrigation tool is designed to irrigate in hard to reach places. This instrument should be used with low volume and low pressure only.

Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator

(Formerly PL-NF-TU)

A soft, flexible, catheter style, upper passage irrigation instrument. The tip end has one large hole. This irrigation tool is designed to irrigate hard to reach places. This instrument should be used with low volume and low pressure only.
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Hear From Happy Users

"The Best Nasal Irrigator Ever. This is it!! I recommend it absolutely. I've been using it for 25 years since my sinus surgery. The Doctor sent me home with this irrigator."

Kim from El Cajon, California

"I have been using Ethicare products for years in conjunction with the WaterPik. I enjoy the flexibility of adjusting water flow as necessary"

H. Abrams from USA

"I have had chronic sinus problems for the past 30 years. I have to lavage my sinuses morning and night to be able to breather properly and avoid the mucus getting in my lungs and causing pneumonia... Your nasal irrigator is the very best. I have to have a pair and a spare on hand for my peace of mind..."

Nota M from San Diego, California

"I have been using an Ethicare DSI nassal irrigation instrument for 4 years following surgery to remove nasal polyps... I have required no additional sinus surgeries and will continue to irrigate with DSI nasal irrigation instrument..."

Curtis N from Estherville Iowa

"I have been using Ethicare products for more than 10 years. They have had a Life Changing Impact on my health."

John from San Diego, California

More Testimonials

"My otolaryngologist recommended that I try Ethicare's PL-NF-TU nasal passage irrigation instrument. Quickly I realized that Ethicare's device reached places I hadn't been able to with the over-the-counter Neti-pot I had been using. I breathed better and over time had substantially fewer sinus infections than I had before..."

Janet from Silver Spring, Maryland

"I have used Ethical Care for many years. I used to get sinus infections all the time. After using this product, I can't remember the last time I've had an infection."

Ansel from Pensacola, Florida

"I have been using Ethicare products for my sinus irrigation for about 20 years now. The quality is always great and they hold up excellently for use twice a day. The Ethicare team is consistently helpful and promptly sends my orders. Thank you Ethicare! I wouldn't get my irrigators anywhere else."

Julie K from Temecula, California

"After a consultation with the ENT Specialist at Mayo Clinic, they recommended I use the Ethicare nasal irrigation product daily. I have done so and it has solved the problems I was having."

S.K. from Mesa, Arizona – user for 19 years

"I have had sinus problems for years. For me, the continual irrigation with the Ethicare instrument has dramatically lessened my infections!"

Judy from Enid, Oklahoma

"I highly recommend Ethicare...They truly care about their customers. Besides taking time with your concerns to help you, they package their products with great care. They are also very knowledgeable. A 5 star company."

Maureen S from Coconut Creek, Florida

"...I used to suffer from frequent sinus infections. Using the Ethicare AHUN just twice a week has made them a thing of the past!"

Bob P from Greenville, South Carolina

"...Ethicare nasal irrigators are easy to use and durable. More importantly they make my sinus healthy. Try them, you will be pleased you did."

Satisfied User from Boise Idaho

"Ethicare was very helpful when I called them. They were able to match new equipment/accessories to the equipment I was already using... And I will return to Ethicare as the need arises for me."

C.J. McKeown

Registered Nurse

"My Ethicare irrigator product has been a literal life-saver, without question. I honestly don't know how I would survive without it. As a survivor of a rare nasal cancer, one of the side effects has been chronic sinusitis. With the help of my Ethicare product, several times a day, I am able to live a comfortable life and keep the condition under control."

Chris O from Omaha, Nebraska

"...By using this nasal irrigator twice daily with a saline solution, it helps keep me infection free. It is part of my daily routine."

John from New York

"Based on a recommendation by my Sinus Doctor, I have been using Ethicare products for over 15 years. The products are well made and reasonably priced."

Ed S from Charlottesville, Virginia

"Dealing with sever, chronic allergies requires a multi-pronged approach, and nasal irrigation with my Ethicare irrigator hooked onto a WaterPik - so superior to a Neti-Pot - has been critical in preventing sinus infections and headaches."

Paula B from Oakland, California

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