If you are regularly irrigating your sinuses, the proper maintenance of your water pump is vital.

After irrigating with your water pump/ flosser and Ethicare instrument, lightly wash the water reservoir of the pump/ flosser as well as your Ethicare instrument with warm soapy water. When doing this be sure to rinse well and pat dry with a clean cloth.

It is vital to be sure that any soap residue is eliminated prior to using the pump and Ethicare instrument.

To ensure this, when the equipment is fully dry, attach your Ethicare irrigation instrument back up to the pump/ flosser, and add approximately 200ml of distilled water to the reservoir tank.

Direct the attached Ethicare instrument into a sink and turn on the pump, running the pump until the distilled water runs out.

This will be sure to flush the pump/ flosser and the Ethicare device of any residual saline or soapy water.

Even with periodic cleaning, your water pump/ flosser and the Ethicare instruments are hygienic devices. As such, they should be replaced on a regular basis.

Please be aware that this is not a certified medically sterile method for cleaning your equipment. Please seek the advise of a medical practitioner if there are any lingering concerns.
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