There are a few things to take into consideration when selecting the correct irrigation instrument for you.
It is most important to remember that you and your situation are unique.
Don’t let companies tell you that their, one size fits all instruments, work well for everybody, because there is never a one size fits all solution.
For most people, the Ethicare Classic Nasal Irrigator (formerly the AHUN) irrigation instrument is all they will ever need. This is by far our most popular irrigation instrument. If you are just a little stuffy, suffering from a cold, post nasal drip or just daily allergies, this is the instrument for you. If you do construction work, environmental maintenance work, woodworking, welding, coal mining or agricultural work where you are breathing all kinds of dust and debris, then the Classic Nasal Irrigator is typically for you.
However a conical style irrigation instrument, such as the Classic Nasal Irrigator, should not be used if your sinuses are completely and solidly blocked, as this can build pressure up in the sinus causing possible ear, eye and sinus damage.

In such instances of completely and solidly blocked sinuses, the customer should select the Classic Deep Sinus Irrigator (formerly the NFT) or the Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator (formerly the PL-NF-TU). The Classic Deep Sinus Irrigator allows a stream of pulsating water to enter and exit the same sinus cavity. The instrument does not need to be pushed against the nostril to form a seal, thus reducing any possibility of damage from excess water pressure.

The Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator is a more advanced version of the Classic Deep Sinus Irrigator. The concept is the same.

The Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator allows a stream of pulsating water to enter and exit the same sinus cavity, but because of the flexible nature of this instrument, you are able to manipulate the direction of the water with greater accuracy.

If your work conditions are extreme, such as coal mining or agricultural work, then you may want to do as the owner of Ethicare does, and use a combination of the Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator to dislodge the debris in the upper sinus and the Classic Nasal Irrigator for a final flush.

The Flexible Sinus Spray Irrigator (formerly the DSI) catheter style irrigation instrument is for special purposes only.

This device must be used with a low volume/low pressure setting on the mechanical pump. The tip of this instrument has two small holes on the side and one on the end. This instrument is used to irrigate hard to reach places like voids left in the upper sinus cavity after surgery.

In selecting the right instrument for you, you must remember that everyone is unique, one sinus solution does not fit all, and using just one instrument will not address all situations you may find yourself in.

Please consult with a Physician with any questions, concerns or medical advise on which instrument you should be using to irrigate your sinuses.

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