Trying to find out which connector you need on your Ethicare instrument to ensure compatibility with your nasal irrigation system?

Then this post is for you.

When setting up your nasal irrigation system utilizing Ethicare nasal irrigation instruments, you will be asked to specify what connector your instrument needs.

This can initially confuse users, but rest assured that this is asked to ensure that you receive the nasal irrigation instrument that will best work with the system you plan to use.

If you are uncertain as to which connector you need to specify for your Ethicare nasal irrigation instrument, the below should provide some clarity. And if additional questions linger, please contact our Ethicare team and we will be happy to help you.

Ethicare Connector Compatibility Chart

To irrigate one’s sinuses using Ethicare nasal irrigation instruments, the instrument must be connected to a water pump or a common water flosser. These instruments are made compatible for use with a pump or flosser by the connector specified at the time of order.

The connector is determined by the model and brand of the water pump or flosser you plan to use to irrigate.

While Ethicare is not associated with any company or producer of water pump and flosser, our connector types are demonstrated by compatibility to common Waterpik models.


If you are unable to find your model type below, please get in contact with the Ethicare team, who will be able to assist you in identifying the relevant connector for the nasal irrigation system you have chosen to use.
*The Waterpik® brand name and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Waterpik® brand name
or model designation is made solely for the purpose of demonstrating compatibility.
**This is NOT a Waterpik® OEM product and is not under any Waterpik ® manufacturer’s warranty.
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