Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator (Formerly PL-NF-TU)


The Flexible Sinus Stream Irrigator (formerly PL-NF-TU) is a soft, flexible, catheter style, upper nasal passage irrigation instrument.

The tip end has one large hole and the irrigation solution is intended to enter and exit the same nostril.

This instrument should be used with low volume and pressure only.

Additional information


“U” – Connector for WaterPik® models WP 100 to WP-999, All CC & Complete Care Models, Nano, Ultra, Aquarius, Traveler & Platinum

  • First ever purpose-built professional grade nasal & sinus irrigation instrument for pulsatile use
  • Specially designed for gentle cleansing of upper sinuses post surgery
  • Medical grade catheter tubing for increased durability & user control
  • 100% designed & manufactured in the USA
Accessibly designed for easy use with readily available and time proven Waterpik* water flossers. Reducing your cost, while providing greater reliability than other nasal irrigation systems.

Irrigate with Ethicare products using traditional saline or various doctor prescribed solutions. The Ethicare saline recipe is included, eliminating the need for overpriced salt pods or specialty packets.

Why Should You Irrigate:

Naturally the human body is intended to constantly remove sinus mucus. Your sinuses and nasal passages are the gatekeeper to your body, with the mucus being a key way that contaminants, viruses, or other irritants are removed. Yet for many, whether due to occasional environment situations, illness or for chronic reasons, this mucus is not able to exit the sinuses or nasal passages in the way it should. This is where nasal or sinus irrigation comes in, helping you to gentle and effectively use natural saline solution to remove mucus and with it the environmental, viral, or other contaminants.

While nasal or sinus irrigation has been around for thousands of years, medical technology has come a long way, and so has nasal or sinus irrigation best practice. Clinically proven to decrease the frequency, intensity and duration of colds, as well as assorted occasional or chronic sinus illness, pulsatile sinus irrigation is an ideal match for many nasal or sinus issues.

As the first and only purpose built professional grade nasal and sinus irrigation instruments for pulsatile irrigation, using the Ethicare irrigation instruments attached to a standard WaterPik* water flosser can assist your body in removing sinus mucus. This is due to both the gentle pulsing action of the water pump, which simulates the body’s natural mucus removal motions, and the special design of the four Ethicare instruments, each addressing a particular set of need.

Know Your Connector

Ethicare instruments are designed for optimal compatibility. Know the model of Waterpump you will be using, to specific the correct Connector during check out.