Ethicare Sinus Irrigation ProductsAdjustable Spray Nasal-Throat and Sinus Irrigators, by Ethicaretm ,& Sinus Rinsetm
Ethicare;tm produces a broad line of Nasal, Sinus and Throat Irrigators for nasal irrigation, and sinus irrigation, and carries Sinus Rinsetm to relieve nasal congestion and sinus problems.
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Ethicare Sinus Irrigation Products

Ethicare Products have been developed with significant input from respected ENT Doctors. The mission of Ethicare is to provide FDA Approved products regarding nasal irrigators, nasal-throat irrigators and sinus irrigators.
Our Nasal Irrigators, Nasal-Throat Irrigators and Sinus Irrigator, with the "S" Connector, will work with the Hydro-Flotm or Water Pik ® Models WP-20W, WP-30W, WP-32W, WP-33W,
with or the "W" Connector!
will work with the Water-Pik ® Models WP-60W, WP-70W, WP-72W, WP-90W and SR-400W

And now available with the type "U" Connector for use with the Water-Pik ®: Model WP-100W or The "Ultra" !

Our Nasal and Sinus Irrigators are shown here with the "S" Connector, but all are available with any of the above connectors.

AndNasal Irrigator for sinus reliefSinus Flush Irrigator to releive sinus problemsSinus Irrigator (Flexable Flush) to releive sinus infections

For information on our Full Line of Nasal Irrigators Nasal-Throat Irrigators and Sinus Irrigator for sinus problems, Nasal or oral health care.
Ask your Doctor if Nasal Irrigation is right for you if you suffer from Sinus Problems,
industrial dirt and dust, Sjogrens Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, or Nasal Congestion.
A Nasal Irrigator or Sinus Irrigator and a Water Pik® may be what your Doctor recommends.

We also carry the Water Pik ® WP-60W

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Ethicare Products have been developed with significant input from respected ENT Doctors.
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