Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Due to the hygienic nature of Ethicare products, we at Ethical Care LLC, do not accept returns or exchanges for any irrigation instruments.

As we cannot verify that instruments returned or sent for exchange have not been used, we must decline all such requests.

While we do attempt to help those customers encountering difficulties in the checkout process, as well as those who realize a misorder prior to the order being dispersed, we hope that our customers understand the need to ensure the hygienic state of Ethicare products and thus our inability to accept returns or exchanges.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we do not repair any irrigation instruments, due to the risk of contamination and or cross contamination to our equipment.

We at Ethicare do not want any of our customers getting sick from any possibly of contamination of our equipment, and therefore hygiene is of our foremost priority.

We appreciate your business and understanding of the necessary hygienic nature for Ethicare products.