Roger’s Customer Story
An Ethicare customer for over 20 years, Roger from Washington shares his story.

I have been a customer of Ethical Care, LLC for nearly 20 years.

After a second surgery for chronic sinusitis, the surgeon advised that I utilize an Ethicare Sinus irrigation system.

I bought one after my follow-up appointment.

I have religiously used the Ethicare Irrigation System since that time.

I now use a Water-Pik unit with Ethicare Sinus Irrigation products.

I have not been required to have any subsequent sinus surgeries since using the Ethicare Irrigation System.

In addition, I am subject to frequent sinus infections due to being prescribed immunosuppressive agents.

Using the Ethicare Irrigation System, I am able to minimize the effects of sinus infections.

I continue to appreciate Ethicare’s line of products and outstanding customer service.

Thank you!

Thanks to Roger for sharing his story.
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