Karen’s Customer Story
An Ethicare customer for over 30 years, Karen from Phoenix shares her story.

I have benefited from occasional use of Ethicare’s nasal irrigator attachment (on a dental water jet machine) for the past thirty years.

I was first introduced to the Ethicare attachment by an ENT doctor who was treating me for a persistent sinus infection.

Adding the irrigation to my antibiotic treatment definitely helped me recover.

For a decade or so, I repeated that same routine: have a sinus infection? Irrigate with the Ethicare !

Finally, slow learner that I am, I realized that I could use it proactively to help clear congestion from head colds and nasal allergies…. and thereby prevent sinus infections from even getting started!

I’m sure that using the Ethicare irrigator attachment in this way over the past twenty years has spared me quite a few trips to the doctor and numerous rounds of antibiotics.

My most recent ‘aha!’ moment with regard to the versatile Ethicare attachment came when I consulted my family practice doctor about nasal dryness and discomfort I was experiencing while taking antihistamine medications for allergies.

She indicated that there were two approaches to treating allergies: drying them out or flushing them out. Given my symptoms at the time, she suggested I toss my antihistamine meds and start irrigating instead.

I was happy to announce to her that I had just the right tool for this: my Ethicare attachment!

So now I also use my Ethicare irrigator on a regular schedule during allergy seasons to help control my allergy symptoms. It does help!

I have begun spreading the word. Since allergies run in our family, several relatives have received Ethicare attachments as gifts from me!

Finally, as a desert dweller, I sometimes use my Ethicare during hot Arizona summers purely for ‘creature comfort’ reasons. I irrigate my nose just to moisturize my sinuses.

When it’s more 110 degrees and less than 10% humidity, it feels soooo good to ‘irrigate and hydrate’.

Obviously, I’m an advocate.

Excuse me now, I think I’ll go irrigate…..

Thanks to Karen for sharing her story.
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