So often I get the question – ‘Gregg you irrigate, what is the best sinus irrigation pump?’,  and here is my answer. 

After over 25 years of irrigating my sinuses with mechanical water pumps, I have definitely come up with my favorites, after trying multiple brands and multiple models.

My absolute favorite pumps in order are: the Waterpik Classic Flosser WP60W, WP65, WP72.

These models have a large 1000ml reservoir tank, adjustable pressure range from 10 to 90 PSI, and a pulse rate of 1400. The reservoir tank has smooth rounded corners and curves, making it easier to clean.

The WP60W, WP65, and the WP72 are absolute workhorses of machines, but are some of the least expensive pumps on the market.

The WP60W, WP65 and the WP72 are still sold at many retailers nationwide, both online and in some stores.

Waterpik now has the WP-100 and WP-112. These are nice machines, but only have a 650ml reservoir tank. This may be adequate for some people who do not irrigate daily or those who only need to irrigate lightly, but for those of us who must irrigate once or twice daily for the rest of our lives we need the capacity of the Waterpik Classic.

My experience with some of the other mechanical water pumps used for sinus irrigation have not been good. The pumps burn out too quick. The proprietary irrigating tips provided with such machines, or wands as I call them, are made of cheap plastic, not equipped for heavy usage. The water reservoir tanks are small. The water reservoir tanks are designed in such a way that they are either too small to get your hand into, or have squared off edges, and are very difficult to keep clean and dry. These tanks are so poorly designed, that the companies sell replacement tanks for when they get too mucked up (and they will).

My suggestion is to stick with the tried and true, inexpensive Waterpik Classic Flossers – particularly the WP60W, WP65 and the WP72.

Amidst all this, it is important to note that most of the current water pumps or flossers on the market do not commercially brand themselves for sinus irrigation.

Ethicare is not commercially affiliated with any water pump or flosser brands.

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